Progress Report on the Burngreave Ward Plan

Vicky Williams, Planning and Performance Officer gave a progress report at the Burngreave Ward meeting on 16th March on projects funded at the end of the year.

Overgrown street trees have been pruned on the Norwood and Bishopholme estate and other areas (Abbeyfield/Firshill) will be covered next financial year

Two extra Bring Out Your Rubbish Days took place in the Scott Road and Crabtree areas in March

The Neighbourhood Environmental Action Team had been working to tidy up areas not normally maintained by the Council. Since October a project has been taking place on the Carwood estate with the support of the TARA and Sheffield Homes

£20,000 has been committed to match fund the project to redevelop Burngreave Recreation Ground and Play Builder funds have been secured for improvement to Denholme Park

£10,000 had been given to 33 community groups during the year through the community chest

Funds had been provided to update the Carwood shop to become a TARA office and some funding provided for publicity for a Jobs Fair

More information on the progress of the Burngreave Ward Plan can be downloaded from

A full list of the year’s spending can be found on the website.

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