Carwood Makeover Complete

Carwood Makeover Complete
Carwood Makeover Complete

Carwood has new plants in place, replacing shrubs planted when the estate was first built decades ago.

After years of asking for improvements, Carwood’s Tenants and Residents Association (TARA) have finally seen action taken. The Council’s NEAT team, funded by the Community Assembly, have remodelled the existing beds and reseeded some of the bare green spaces to make the estate more attractive and simpler to maintain. Dean Fearon from the Council said,

“This has been a great project which has allowed local people to influence how their area appears. We have worked closely with the TARA who advised on where they would like to see improvements and what kind of plants should be planted. Another benefit of funding a NEAT team has been helping young people get the skills they need which will help them into full time employment.”

Wynn March from Carwood TARA said, “The NEAT team have done a very good job, considering what a state it was in. Now it’s up to people in the community to help keep it looking nice.”

Clean up Day 28th April 10am-4pm

With support from Burngreave Safer Neighbourhood Team and Sheffield Homes. Light refreshments provided. Come along and get involved in the TARA.

Carwood Clean Up Day
10:00am to 4:00pm Thursday 28 April 2011
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