Burngreave Messenger: future and donations

The Messenger is still here, but needs some help…

The Burngreave Messenger is delivered free to 9,000 houses in Burngreave and Firvale, six times per year. We remain entirely independent of funders and the content of the Messenger is decided by local people.

For over 6 years costs of the Messenger were mainly met by Burngreave New Deal funding. Income from advertising has always been a big help but only covers around a quarter of the cost of the Messenger. As a registered charity, we have had some charitable funding, and we continue to have the generous support of the Tudor Trust, but cuts to public spending have resulted in fierce competition for funding and the Messenger does not have enough money for the coming year.

What it costs…

To print the Messenger and pay for a small staff team and the young distributors – for many, this is their first regular employment – costs just under £10 a year per household. This also covers the cost of the work to support all our volunteers, contributors and local groups.

You can help

The Messenger belongs to people in Burngreave, and we know many of you think it’s really valuable and want to see it continue. So we wanted to give local people the opportunity to help keep the Messenger going, and delivering top quality local news and views to your door.

We want to keep the Messenger FREE to everyone, so are asking for donations rather than subscriptions. Some readers have already donated and have told us why.

An Earl Marshal Road resident said,

“I look forward to the Messenger. It keeps me in touch with what’s happening in the area. Enclosed is a small cheque which I hope will help.”

Kath Swinney said,

“The Messenger has supported my friends when they have been threatened with deportation and has supported my ESOL classes when they were threatened with cuts.

I would like to support the Messenger now and have donated £20 to cover the cost of my own Messenger for the year and one for somebody else.”

A reader from Firshill Road donated £10 and wrote,

“Just a note about the Messenger and what it has meant to me over the last ten years. A lot of people have worked hard to make the community one that works well and hopefully no one is left out. People in Burngreave have built something to be proud of and we need the Messenger to tell everyone about it. There are always interesting stories about ordinary people.”

If you’d like to help, please click on “Donate” below. If you pay tax we can claim an extra 28% of your donation through Gift Aid. Or send a cheque to the “Burngreave Messenger” at Abbeyfield Park House.

If you want to make a regular donation, please call us on 242 0564.

Thank you. With your help, we can keep the Messenger going!

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